Past Vintages

2020 Farmhouse  SOLD OUT

2018 Farmhouse   SOLD OUT

2017 Farmhouse   SOLD OUT

2016 Farmhouse   SOLD OUT

2016 Constitution   SOLD OUT

2015 Farmhouse   SOLD OUT

2015 Silvestra   SOLD OUT

2014 Farmhouse    SOLD OUT

Our 2014 Farmhouse is a blend of Yarlington Mill, Dabinette, Porter’s Perfection, Hereford Redstreak, Michelin, and a field blend of other French and English cider apples in a base of Newtown Pippin, Ben Davis, Winesap, and Jonagold apples grown at three small family farms – two in the Willamette Valley and one in the Hood River Valley. After a native (wild) yeast fementation, the ciders were aged for 7 month in neutral french oak barrels before blending and bottling with a dosàge of fresh juice at bottling time to encourage a natural effervescence. Similar to a rustic farm-y, unfiltered apple champagne. 7.2% alcohol. Completely dry with soft tannin and bready, dusty, yeasty notes.


2014 Constitution   SOLD OUT

The 2014 COnstitution is a blend of Newtown Pippin, Winesap, Liberty, Golden Russett, Arkansas Black, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Medaille d’Or, Porter’s Perfection, and Jonagold apples, chapitalized with flame raisins and muscavado brown sugar, fermented completely dry prior to aging in just-emptied rum casks. A subtle infusion of organic vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and allspice was made in the barrel. The finished cider was blended after 8 months and bottle conditioned for an additional three months prior to release.


2013 Farmhouse     SOLD OUT

The 2013 Farmhouse cider is between the 2011 and 2012 in style, with a delicate, complex honeyed apple aroma, an astringent tannic backbone, and plenty of yeasty farmhouse funk from bottle-conditioning and native fermentation. It has a bit less of the buttery character of the 2011, and a bit more forward tannin than the smokey English-styled 2012.  It is fairly Champagne-like and drinkable now, with a nice dry finish. It will only improve over the next few years. 294 cases were bottled in early September of 2014 and allowed to bottle condition for 6 weeks before release.

2012 Constitution    SOLD OUT

Constitution is a strong cider, lightly spiced, reminiscent of what early Americans would have been drinking in New England several centuries ago. A cider of antique American apples (Newtown Pippin and a field blend of heirloom varieties) has been fermented with dark brown sugar and raisins for a higher alcohol and greater body, then aged in freshly emptied American oak rum barrels with an infusion of vanilla beans, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, and cracked nutmeg. 120 cases of 75o mL cork-closed bottles were produced. A limited quantity is still available.


2012 Farmhouse    SOLD OUT

The 2012 Farmhouse cider is just a bit more robust, tannic, aromatic, and ‘farmhouse-y’ than the 2011 thanks in part to better control over our fruit sourcing and a more complex and wild fermentations. It has a bit less of the lees-y Chardonnay character of the 2011, but is still quite light, Champagne-like, and effervescent. An epic vintage indeed!  182 cases were bottled in May and allowed to bottle condition for 6 weeks before release. It should continue to balance and improve in bottle for the next year to 2 years.


2011 Farmhouse    SOLD OUT 

Baird & Dewar’s 2011 Farmhouse cider is a truly unique experience. Fresh juice from a select blend of English cider apples, American heirloom apples, and Jonagold desert apples was hand pressed in a small wooden press and blended before barrel fermentation and aging to bring out soft Champagne-like qualities in the finished dry cider. Unlike most ciders, Farmhouse is unfiltered and made without adding sugar or water to cut costs or mask harshness and imperfections. 100% barrel aged unfiltered juice from select Oregon-grown apples carefully fermented to dryness. Nothing more, nothing less.

The 2011 vintage cider is light straw in color, has a persistent mouse of fine bubbles from natural bottle conditioning (as opposed to force carbonation), and a dusting of light sediment on the bottom of each bottle. Warm buttery notes and a hint of cinnamon spice lead to a crisp and classic lingering apple finish. For a brilliantly clear glass of cider, chill the bottle upright for a several hours prior to serving. To experience all of the flavor hidden within, allow the sediment to mingle as you pour from the bottle. Only 84 cases were produced. Enjoy!